Rangel Kysosev

CEO & Headgrower


Meet Rangel Kyosev, our CEO & Headgrower. With an extensive background in horticulture and cultivation, Rangel brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Over the years, he has garnered invaluable experience in plant cultivation. He is a seasoned professional with a passion for sustainable and innovative growing practices. He possesses a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of plant biology and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field. Having honed his skills through diverse roles in the agricultural sector, Rangel is a driving force behind our commitment to delivering premium-quality products. He leads our cultivation team with a hands-on approach, ensuring that every plant receives the care and attention needed to thrive. He plays a pivotal role in steering our cultivation efforts towards excellence, contributing significantly to our mission of providing top-tier, sustainably cultivated products.

Contact Info

Phone : +389 71 239 306
Email : kaan.takmaz@oazaalkaloidi.com